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Tina Brown is a British journalist, magazine editor, and a columnist. She graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in English Literature. She started to sharpen her writing skills by writing for her university’s Literary magazine Isis (don’t confuse it with the terrorist group. This was a student publication by the University of Oxford, established in 1892), and while an undergraduate she was published in the New Statesman, she also won The Sunday Times National Student Drama Award for a one-act play called ‘Under the Bamboo Tree’.

Upon researching how she started her career, I found some people contributed to her ascend in the world of publishing, presenting her with opportunities in recognition to her talent in writing, such opportunities is when the literary agent Pat Kavanagh introduced her writings to the editor of The Sunday Times, Harold Evans, in 1974, upon which she was given a freelance job. Afterward, she moved to work for The Sunday Telegraph. After graduating she also started writing for the Punch.

At the age of 25, in 1979 she started editing Tatler magazine, at the time it was a small, unknown society magazine. In 1984 she became the editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair, at the time the magazine was dying (it seems she has a talent in resurrecting suffocating Mags), what she did was asking writers and journalist among her circle to write about their personal experiences, this contributed to publishing articles like Justice which chronicles the trial of the man who killed Journalist Dominick Dunne’s daughter, and Darkness Visible by novelist William Styron where he writes about his depression.

Brown’s next move was The New Yorker as its editor-in-chief, despite many journalists opposed her leadership for the New Yorker and left the paper but many others welcomed her, she left The New Yorker in 1998 to be the chairman of a new multi-media company being established by Harvey and Bob Weinstein which became partners with Miramax. She created the Talk magazine, a monthly glossy, the magazine was halted in 2002 after a decrease in advertising after 9/11 attacks and is considered Brown’s only failure through her career.

Wait Tina Brown’s Career didn’t finish

In 2007 she published a biography about the late Princess Diana, “The Diana Chronicles” which made The New York Times bestseller.

Her career in the age of digital publishing continues when she teamed up with Barry Diller to launch The Daily Beast in 2008.

She is also the founder and CEO of The Tina Brown Live Media

Looking at her long career, one can see she started by taking advantage of the opportunities presented to her, and then she extended her hand to offer opportunities to other journalists and writers, the benefit was reciprocal, as she brought in some journalists who contributed in uplifting the publications she was heading, thus, providing a proof for the success of her leadership. On the other hand, she didn’t stop at setbacks and the failures she faced and now one can see how she adapted to the new age of digital publishing. Her career is worth examining by aspiring writers and magazine creators.

Photo credit: Crain’s New York Business


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