Dina Tokio on the Web





Dina Tokio is a British Vlogger, also known as Dina ToRkio, she is half Egyptian and half English. She is currently married with two kids. Dina was one of the early bloggers to talk about Hijabi style, she made lots of videos reviewing clothing and talking about makeup and skin care but also discussing women issues especially Muslim women, her videos are very candid shot alongside her husband. Late 2018 she decided to take off her hijab which caused an outlash among her viewers. However, she continues to offer videos on lifestyle and the modest fashion identity is still present although she does not consistently wear hijab.

On a last note, upon the critiques over removing her headscarf, Dina Tokio made a video “The Bad, the Worse and the Ugly” about the harsh comments she received, one commented that people in the Middle East hate her, well, it’s worth saying, Hijab is a lifestyle and its personal no one has a say in it except the person wearing it and this is coming from someone who is from the Middle East.

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