Shabrouq in the News

Jordan TV Interview

Roya TV

Tech Women

Hiba Shabrouq is a communication and marketing expert from Jordan, she is the recipient of the STEVIE award for the employee of the year in the Telecommunication sector in 2018. She studied Telecommunication Engineering then her Master’s in Business Entrepreneurship at Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Jordan. You can read Shabrouq’a interview on RAHAF.

She participated in Tech Woman in which she was selected to take part in the social project segment of the program where she and other Jordanian women won in 2017 for their project Ozwah, which is aimed at financially supporting orphan young girls to continue their education after they finish they leave the social services institution, she was the only Jordanian selected as a woman ambassador in the Women Ambassadors Forum in Dallas in 2017. 

She is currently a communication expert at one of the Telecommunication companies in Jordan.

The reason why we thought Hiba should be included in the RAHAF Pink Book because she represents one of the faces of emerging leading women from Jordan, thus the Middle East.


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